Add-Ons and Option Selection Guide

This is a guide to help you select add-ons and options for the PledgeBox Kickstarter Backer Survey

Keyframe Options

Each keyframe you have ordered is available in ANSI or ISO layouts and with Tactile or Linear swtiches as detailed below.

  • Layout

    For each frame you have ordered please select either ANSI or ISO keyframe layout which differ in the shape of the Enter and Left Shift key as shown.

    • ANSI is primarily used in the USA, Australia, Canada, and Asia.
    • ISO is primarily used in Europe, South America and the Middle East.

    Note: All languages will be available for both layouts with a modified keymap for languages not typically associated with a given layout.

  • Key Feel

    Please select tactile or linear key feel.


    • Tactile bump in key travel that provides feedback when pressed
    • Ideal for typing, general use


    • Linear travel with gradual increase in force over travel
    • Ideal for gaming

Passive Module Pack - Colour Options

Every Keyboard order includes one pack of passive modules to span the top of the keyboard and fill any spaces between active modules. All modules are available in Black and Frosted as shown.

  • Passive Module Pack - Black

  • Passive Module Pack - Frosted

  • Triple Key Module - Black

  • Triple Key Module - Frosted

  • Side Dial Module - Black

  • Side Dial Module - Frosted

  • Triple Dial Module - Black

  • Triple Dial Module - Frosted